Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stupid Sticker Make Hulk Mad!

On the way back to work from lunch, I pulled up at a light behind a woman in an SUV. From all appearances, the woman was in her late 30s, or maybe 40s. On the back window of her SUV was a bumper sticker (or is it a window sticker if you stick it on the window? hmmm) that said "Warning! I drive like a Cullen".

I would like to address today's entry to the woman driving that vehicle.

~I hate that you drive a car around with a stupid, STUPID, Twilight-referenced sticker on your window.
~I hate that you are that old and are still THAT obviously into Twilight
~I hate that Twilight is invading every aspect of my life, and that I can't even drive down the road without seeing it.
~I hate that I wasted my time when I got back to the office to google the term "drive like a Cullen" to educate myself
~I hate that I now know what that means
~I hate that I feel stupider for knowing what that means
~I hate that I AM stupider for knowing what that means

I have already established that I hate Twilight, so I won't delve into that again.

but so help me God if I have to start carrying around crosses and stakes to ward off all these vampire freaks, I will.

I swear to God I will.


  1. ~Ifer, I love you, but I don't get why you're so mad about other people enjoying Twilight. Why can't you just let people like what they like?

  2. It really isn't so much about me not wanting them to like it as it is about my frustration that it is invading every area of MY life.

    I get irritated at fads because I feel enclosed and entrapped by them, and I don't like the feeling that everywhere I turn I am confronted by a phenomenon that I have already made up my mind about.