Friday, July 17, 2009

Because I am Stubborn That Way

Alternative Title: The reasons I won't watch Harry Potter

Our local movie theater, like all the smart movie theaters across the nation, is showing the latest Harry Potter movie, or as I like to call it "Harry Potter and the reason I won't go to your theater for a month"

You see, the thing is, the truth of the matter.... I refuse to watch Harry Potter movies. Now don't get me wrong, I really have nothing against the whole Harry Potter franchise. I think it is probably a great story line for many to follow, and I have in fact read the first book, and thought it was pretty good. But the truth is, something that not a lot of people know about me, is that the more people tell me that I WILL like something, the more stubbornly I refuse to give it a chance. There is this little switch in me that gets flipped when someone raves on and on about something.

Actually, that isn't entirely accurate. It isn't just when one person, or a few people tell me about something I will like. If they are my friends or close family, and they suggest something for me to watch, chances are I will watch it, and chances are, I will like it. But when society insists that something is the greatest thing ever, when all the raving crowds go on and on about "oh my god, this is the best movie ever, you HAVE to see it", that stubborn troll inside of me says "no, no I don't. I don't HAVE to see it, and in fact, I now refuse to see it".

This is the reason I won't read or watch anything involving Twilight.
This is the reason I won't read or watch Harry Potter.
This is the reason I didn't really like the movie Knocked Up. (other than the fact that it just wasn't funny)
This is the reason I don't watch Lost.
This is the reason I don't watch reality shows.
This is the reason I haven't seen any of the High School Musicals.
This is the reason I refuse to get wrapped up in a lot of the fads today.

That person inside me just stomps her foot and says "you can't make me", and that's the end of it. I don't like being told what I WILL or WILL NOT like, as if it is dictated by society's laws that this is the next greatest biggest thing, and if I don't jump right on that bandwagon, I am some sort of freak. I am a freak for a lot of reasons, my friend, but demanding the right to make up my own mind about something is not one of them.

I am tired of "trendy" movies. I am an adult and I want to be able to go make my own decision. I have never been a critic believer, I will be the one to decide whether I like something or not. I guess it all boils down to the whole "you are not the boss of me" philosophy of life.

Oh, and one other word about Twilight. They are teeny bopper books, and it really REALLY bugs me when grown women are falling all over these characters. No, I won't read them, I refuse.

I read grown up books.

And some of you who know me (or think you know me) are saying to me right now "this is coming from the woman who loves vampire stories, the woman who had read all of Anne Rice's vampire chronicles, the woman who actually read Dracula, YOU won't read a vampire series". Well.... to those people, I have just one thing to say... if you actually just said that I should put Twilight in the same category as Anne Rice and Dracula... well then you don't really know anything about me, now do you?


  1. It's like society telling you what sports team is the one to like. I pick the underdogs everytime.

  2. Shameful confession. Guess and let's move on.

    In case you were wondering, those books are poorly written, are obviously written for teenagers, and are chalk full of delicious melo-drama. That's why everyone is all about them. That and the teasing sexiness.