Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures (for real)

Ok, finally got the pictures back from my first roll of film, so I thought I would share them with you... even the not so great ones.

These first shots are of our cat, Bessie (who only responds to the name "Gato"... long story). These are epic because in the years we have had her, these are the first good photos of her that I have taken. For some reason, she HATES the digital camera, and will not sit still, but for the 35mm, she just poses up pretty...

A random flower on a tree outside our house... its ALMOST right, but just barely out of focus. I was working on manual focus on this roll (which the exception of the cat pictures lol), so that is an area I will continue to try to improve.

Another flower on another tree... again, almost in focus, but just barely missing the perfect mark...

This stack of firewood has been sitting on our front porch since last year, and it has begun to grow this brilliant yellow moss. The color was too fantastic to pass up...

A couple pictures of a vine that is growing up the post on our front porch. I am very happy with the focus on these two, but I would have reduced the flash just a little bit. The color is just a tad bit washed out for my liking...

Before I show you the last one, the one that I am MOST proud of, let me tell you that I don't even own Photoshop. These pictures are all straight out of the camera, because I figure I can learn best that way. Anyone can doctor up a picture to make it look nicer, but I am trying to take really good pictures to start with.

So with that being said, here is a picture of a random azalea bloom on a bush in our driveway. It is the only bloom on the bush, and is very out of season, so it caught my eye. The color is beautiful, the focus is sharp, and the camera is of high enough quality to capture the texture of the leaves...

I have roll #2 loaded and ready in the camera. Let me know what you think of these, and what you would change...



  1. I think they turned out fantastic for just some cheapie CVS film/developing! I think I like the one with the moss the most.

  2. see! Film is amazing. Best Saturday ever is a camera, film and a processing lab. (and if not, black and white film!)


  3. You're right, the pictures are fantastic!

  4. I LOVE THE CAT PICTURES! And the moss is gorgeous.

  5. Beautiful, my dear! I love them all.

  6. They look great! does your camera have the option to lower the intensity of the flash so that you can capture more color on the macro pics?