Monday, August 31, 2009

First Photos

I took some pictures with my new 35mm camera this weekend... would you like to see them?

too bad!

No, seriously, the only down side to a film camera is that there are still 14 shots in the camera before I can get it developed, so you will have to be patient with me and hopefully this week I will take it out again and finish up the roll.

Things I am looking forward to this week:
~Friday night is a meeting of the Astronomy club that Mike and I found in our local area. We haven't been before, and we are both looking forward to meeting some people who know a little more about the stars, hanging out with other nerds, and generally learning more about our new hobby.
~Next Monday is Labor Day, which means my office is closed and I get a 3 day weekend!
~Taking the rest of the roll of film so that I can get my pictures developed

From what I did take this weekend, I am really digging the new camera. It has the ability to change the depth of field so that I can focus on just that one flower, or I can focus on the inside of the bloom, or whatever. Those artsy shots where the one thing is in focus and the rest of the background is fuzzy? I can do that now!

In other news, I participated in that IComLeavWe event this past week, which is basically a week where you commit to posting on other people's blogs that sign up. It was really nice to have that feeling that people were reading my work, and I hope that a few of them stick around, even though that event is over for August :)


  1. A new camera is so fun. I can't wait to see the artsy shots. I wish I had talent with a camera.

    I am all about the three day weekend coming up!

    As for ICLW, I LOVED it. That's how I found your blog. :) I will be visiting and commenting for a long time to come. (Mostly because your blog is fun and interesting.)

  2. Glad you're enjoying the new camera so much.

    Do you prefer film or is it because your digital didn't have the aperture or shutter speed you were looking for? Ahh the suspense of getting film developed!

  3. Well, I dont necessarily prefer film, it is just different.

    What this camera has that the digital doesnt really is the manual focusing. The digital, every time you take a picture, tries to make sure that the whole picture is in focus. It is a great camera for taking on trips, or for our ghost hunting hobby. But digitals (at least affordable ones) don't do so well with astrophotography or the more artistic pictures that I would like to play around with.

    Also... part of me still kinda feels that film photography is somehow a little more "real photography" than a digital. Something about knowing that you can't just delete it and take it over, you have to know what you are doing to take the picture right the first time.

  4. I agree with the "real photography" thing. So little of photography these days is the actual flash of a shutter capturing an image. That is just where it starts before it is run through photoshop and edited. A friend of mine runs a photography business and every single one of her pictures is touched up. That is a profession in editing, not being good with a camera IMO.