Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Visit

Well, the short version is that the visit with my father went really well yesterday... stay tuned for the longer version...

My dad was supposed to meet me here at the church I work at around 4pm yesterday, and I was going to take the rest of the afternoon off. Much to my surprise, I arrived back from lunch at 1pm to find my father already here, sitting in the preacher's office chatting it up with my boss! (EEK!). I work for a really cool preacher, and he told me to go ahead and take the rest of the day off and spend some time with my dad, so that is what took place. I took a few minutes to show him around the church, because we have a really old beautiful church building with amazing stained glass windows that he wanted to see.

After a brief tour of the church, we loaded up in our cars and he followed me to the house. He was staying the night in Mike's parents' guest room, and the plan was to go straight to their house and hang out there and get a chance to talk.

All in all, it was a really good visit. It gave us a chance to start to get to know each other better, and gave Mike a chance to really get to know my dad. There were only a few awkward pauses in conversation. God bless Mike's parents too, for putting him up in their guest room, and for cooking an amazing meal for us all to enjoy.

He had to get back on the road this morning at 2am, so he went to bed about 8 last night.

My mind and heart are a lot calmer now. I didn't really expect it to go badly, but I did think that there would be more awkwardness than we ended up having. For that I am very grateful.

This gives me a lot of hope that there is a lasting relationship in our future.


  1. Told ya so! ;)

    I enoyed getting to know your father a bit. I also enjoyed YOU getting to visit with your father. Part of me has always worried that I have served as a wedge between you and your family, especially when we first got together. So it did my heart good to see that this wasn't the case.

  2. You absolutely are not a wedge :) You have been the one that has helped me work through the past and get to where I can have this relationship again.