Monday, July 20, 2009

Cleaning out the Clutter

My mind is a jumble this morning so I thought I would just let y'all know a few things about our life, and our weekend, and other randomness that is running laps inside my brain right now.

~We had a thunderstorm this weekend. It wasn't that bad of a storm, and the rain was much needed, but the power got knocked out. Now as a rational person, I know that the power will be restored in a couple of hours, but let me let you in on a little secret of mine. Having lived here in Southeast Texas through two hurricanes and their aftermath, my brain really doesn't believe the power is coming back on any time soon. The lights go out, and I go into the "oh my god, how am I going to survive for a week or more without electricity" mode. I start thinking of how boring life is without power. I start dreading going to bed that night because it will be so hot, and we won't have AC and I don't sleep well in the heat. I am a fruit loop, what can I say. Oh, and the power came back on about 2 hours later.

~Mike and I bought an Xbox 360 in the last couple of weeks. Let me just say that Fable 2 is way more fun than a game has a right to be. We actually take shifts on who gets to play, and most of the time, when he is playing, I am laying there on the bed watching him play. It is insanely fun, and although I know that we will eventually tire of it, it satisfies our nerdity for the time being.

~Across the Universe was on Encore this weekend, and we caught the second half of it. We had seen this movie in the theaters, and I already knew that I loved it, but I was struck again by the genius of the movie. Also, I spent half the night with one of the songs running through my head, even in my dreams, and that does not make for peaceful sleep.

~As I mentioned, my sleep was troubled last night, not by anything specific, but just frequent wake-ups, songs running through my head, odd dreams, a crazy cat running around inside our house, and the inability to get comfortable. All of these combined make me even more of a "not-a-morning-person" than I usually am.

~I am very blessed to have a husband that wants nothing more on the weekends than to just hang around the house with me, relaxing.


  1. Hooray for Across The Universe! (= Which song was stuck in your head?

  2. Happiness is a Warm Gun

    hours and hours of that song... not the most cheerful thing in the world!