Thursday, July 16, 2009

Almost There

I am really tired this morning, and a little unsure as to what to talk about, so this may end up quite the rambling post.

I am really glad today is Thursday, because I only work half days on Fridays, so that means that today is my last full day of work before I can head into tomorrow's half day, and then on to the weekend to relax. With the visit from Dad and the Bible study class last night, and the millions of things that we did last weekend, this will be the first time in a couple of weeks that we have to just sit around and relax. Our plans for this weekend include nothing, nothing, and more glorious nothing. I can't even tell you how much I need that break.

Actually, we do have a little bit of a plan to take out the telescope and do some star gazing. I got Mike a very nice new telescope this year for his birthday, and I think we have discovered the right spot to go look at stars, out away from the town where there are no street lights. Of course, as we always do with our hobbies, the purchase of the telescope will mean that we need to make several more purchases to get it the way we want it. We need new lenses with better magnification, we need to study up more on the telescope itself to learn more about how to target it, and did I mention that this telescope has a camera mount?

Oh yeah, it has a place on the body of the telescope that you can mount your camera, and then you can buy an attachment that lets your camera focus through the viewfinder on the telescope, and you can take pictures of the skies. I have an obsession with photography anyhow (a whole post of its own), and would love nothing more than to know how to take really good pictures... and the thought of being able to be an astrophotographer? Out of this world (no pun intended).

But other than a possible excursion out to view the stars (does it get more romantic than stargazing with the love of your life?), our weekend plans consist of sitting around, watching tv, playing our nerdy games (including our brand new Xbox 360!!), and having some drinks.

All in all, I cannot wait. I am counting down the hours, and working frantically here at the church to get everything taken care of. Uninterrupted time with my husband is a very precious thing indeed.

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