Tuesday, November 10, 2009

True Strength

My heart is very heavy today. Not for anything of mine, personally, but for the struggle that I see in another.

There is a lady here at the church that I work at. She is a wonderful lady, a strong woman of God, an example to the rest of us. She is, in so many ways, what I long to be in life. I have truly come to love this woman.

She has seen so much in her life. She has so much wisdom and truth that she has shared with the people of our church, and especially with the young adults in our church.

And she is struggling now. Her husband is not doing well, health wise.

She puts a brave face on it, she has so much strength in this situation. But I see the sadness, I see the struggle.

Please keep this lovely lady and her husband in your thoughts and prayers right now.


  1. Poor thing. :( I will do as you asked.

  2. She is everything you described. A truly remarkable lady, with a remarkable husband who is dealing with some really bad health issues.

    They are both in my prayers.

  3. I shall be thinking of her. The bad things always happen to the good people. :(