Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tis the Season

I saw the first Christmas decoration up in town yesterday, and it made me smile. I love love LOVE Christmas and all that it brings with it. The chance to buy the perfect present for the people you care about, the family, the times of togetherness, the songs, the decorations, the food, the warmth. Everything about the season is warm to me. Even living here in Southeast Texas, where the weather is NOT cold outside, the time of Christmas is still a time of "emotional snuggling under the blanket".

I am also really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year again. Mike's side of the family is having a family get together, and I always love those. I don't know the people there really well, even after the years that we have been together, but it is always a time of family that I love to be a part of. Even the ones that don't know me really well are always so nice to me, or they pick on me and tease me, as the occasion calls for. And the food... oh my, the food.

So what is your favorite part of the upcoming holidays? What makes your heart smile?


  1. I'm with you, I love shopping for the perfect gift. I have to admit, Christmas here in Texas is really weird. I grew up where it snowed every year. In fact, they got snow there a couple days ago while I was down here sweating bullets.

    I also love when people get into the Christmas spirit and are kinder than normal most of the time.

  2. I love Christmas too. My favorite part is having my family all around me. It's the most important time of year for us. This year is going to be strange as my first Christmas with my sister not here (she moved cross-country) but we're going to carry on the traditions regardless!

  3. My favourite part about Christmas? Advent calendars, mandarin oranges, writing wish lists, thinking about sending out Christmas cards, cinnamony things, indoor Christmas lights, shopping for my parents, and how baked goods seem to flow like water!

    Wow, I'm more excited about Christmas than I thought!