Monday, November 30, 2009

So far, so good

I have been following Mrs. Flinger's blog for quite a while now, because I love the style in which she writes, and the stories are fascinating to me. This morning, when I was catching up on posts from the weekend, I ran across a recent post of hers that intrigues me. She is starting a writing group that once a week, will be given an idea to write a blog post about. The first one was for today, so let's see if I can give this a whirl.

Today's topic was to post about your most embarrasing moment. This is actually quite a difficult topic for me, because I have spent my entire life in a carefully orchestrated attempt to not stand out in a crowd. I don't embarrass easily, or rather, I DO embarrass quite easily, but I do everything in my power to avoid those situations to begin with. I attempt to fade into the woodwork when possible, I overplan events to make sure every tiny detail is in place, I try not to talk about a topic unless I know that my information is correct, etc.

Sure, I have embarrassing moments, like the rest of the world. I have tripped up stairs in high school, I have spilled food or drink on clothes at an important time. There was the time that I fell asleep in the chair in my boss' office while I waited for him to get off the phone. Life is full of small moments that make me blush, but I have been sitting here for almost an hour trying to come up with a "most" embarrassing moment, and the truth is, I just don't have one. So far, I have been successful in my ongoing crusade to avoid that kind of notice, I guess.

I just hope I can keep up the trend.

This post is part of the Write of Passage challenge. Please stop by and join the fun!


  1. You are very lucky! I'm actually not easily embarassed so this was easy for me. If something actually made me blush, then that was it!

  2. My next-most embarrassing story may be the amount of time I have been trying to get Mr Linky to work.

  3. I'm with you. I don't have those moments because I am not easily embarassed. I see them as what they are, freaking hilarious. My dad always asks me if I know the difference between comedy and tragedy.

    Its comedy when it happens to someone else.
    Its tragedy when it happens to you.

    I like to just laugh it all off as if I were an observer.

  4. I'm not the most easily embarrassed person, either but like you, I tend to try avoiding those types of situations like the plague in the first place. ;-)

    And yeah, like Brigid said, my next moment may be trying to get the damn linky thingy working! (Or well, actually - remembering to put it on my post to begin with! LOL)

  5. ever since i pushed out babies in front of a live audience of family members and hospital staff, i don't get embarrassed easily. except when i think about moments from my younger days.
    i still, to this day, can blush when i think about stuff that happened to me when i was various ages of young.

  6. I had the same thought when I saw the topic... I just couldn't think of a really good moment. I kept thinking, "But I don't really have one!"

    I like how you incorporated your thought process around that into this post.

    (BTW, I finally did remember a really big one and wrote about it.)