Thursday, October 22, 2009


Yes, I know that isn't a real word. But it is the made-up word that I use to describe that feeling of a million thoughts racing around inside my head. That state of not being able to pin a thought down. That frustration of wanting to write an entry for my blog, but having flittering, random thoughts buzzing around like a hive of bees. The state of randominity.

When I am in Randominity, the only cure is to spew the thoughts out in one messy conglomerated entry that has no direction, no focus, no theme, it just IS.

So here you go...

~it is really raining today, and while I love the rain, it is so dark outside, and that is making it tough to wake up.
~I just made eye appointments for tomorrow afternoon, and I find those annoying
~I need to remember to put the new flea collar on the cat today.
~I feel like baking something this weekend, but I am not sure what I want to make
~I really want to be home right now, curled up under a blanket with Mike.
~Daylight savings is coming on Nov 1, and I am glad. I am tired of heading out to work when it is still semi-dark outside.
~I am hungry

So what about you? For your comments today, share some of your randominity with me.


  1. I think I passed my rain from me to you. We had it ALLLL day yesterday. It is finally sunny up here now. Did you get that rain a week ago that lasted for NINE DAYS?

    I totally want to go home right now too. I am working on picture projects for the grandparents for Christmas and I totally can't focus on work... at all...

    I'm going to Costco with my best friend on Saturday and I'm so excited.

    On Sunday my other best friend is coming over to do the 9-month photo shoot and I am seriously, seriously excited.

    We still have another day left before the weekend. WHY?! It needs to be Friday right now.

    I hope your cat enjoys the flea collar. :D

  2. I will DVR something and purposely not watch it if it is actually playing on live TV. I just have no patience for commericals any more.

    I have a wonderful husband. I think we are some lucky ladies around here.

    I am thankful for the bumps in the road this year.

    Saturday I am going to help my Mom. I love being around her and I wish I could give her the world by easing all her worries.

  3. Happy that our adoption paperwork is almost complete (just got to get our doctor to actually sign his form now).

    I need, no I NEED to make some more of the vegan sausages I made the other day.

    Glad it's the weekend, so I can sleeeeep.

    Enjoying ICLW this month, & seem to be rapidly heading towards Iron Commentator status, so may as well go for it.

    Feeling inspired now by the idea of baking, so thanks for that!