Monday, December 7, 2009


As the light breaks the night into pieces, he begins his day. Talking himself through the motions, he lays out his best suit.

"Look Mama, I am wearing my suit today."

She would be proud of him this morning. He remembers her smile as he slowly buttons up his starched white shirt. Remembers her gentle hands folding down his collar, making sure it was just so.

"Should I wear my black tie or my brown one today, Mama?"

He settles his mind on the black tie, and carefully ties the knot. Mama is there again, straightening his tie, demanding perfection. He reaches for his pants.

"A sharp crease, just the way you like it, Mama."

A matching waistcoat and suit jacket are next. He can feel her there with him still, slowly closing each button on his jacket. Imaginary hands brush the lint off his shoulder.

"I can see my own reflection in my shined shoes. Are you proud of me, Mama?"

His dressing complete, he prepares to set out on his journey. He will wander the streets of this town as he has every day for as long as anyone can remember.

"I am all ready to go now, Mama. Did I forget anything?"

For the briefest of moments, his mind wanders back to that hospital room. Mama is there. She smiles at him one last time as she gives him his charge, "Take care of the ones you love, my son".

"I love this town, Mama. I will watch over them.".

This story is about Vern, a man that wanders the streets of our town. Nobody knows much about him, but on some days, he dresses in his Sunday finest and walks. This story is part of the Write of Passage challenge. Please check it out.


  1. Awww. That's awesome for him to feel the role of caretaker.

  2. I can see the care he takes, making sure everything is just as it should be, talking to his ma, the reverence. Very cool.

  3. Wonderful story, thanks for including a little about the "real" Vern.

  4. Wonderful story! Wouldn't you love to talk to the real vern? It makes me want to.

  5. he sounds like a wonderful caretaker/watchman for your town; makes you want to get to know him a bit more; must have lots of history he might be willing to share


  6. I like this story - seems perfect for a man who dresses up and wanders town.

  7. I wanted more. It ended abruptly for me. Was there a word limit?

  8. I'm with @purplume...I want more! Exquisite!

  9. I love that you have a Vern in your town. There was a guy who walked my town when I was growing up, but that's because he was insane and would, at times, become homicidally violent. :) Vern sounds a lot nicer.

    I like your description a lot. I can imagine him, imagine the suit. And I love that you gave him a purpose. Nicely done.